Luxor, it’s a city in upper Egypt ,but it witness of the most rich period in ancient Egyptians history ,it was the capital of all Egypt for 500 years ,start from  (1500 BC to 1000 BC),this time of the history is the most flourished and wealthy time ,they called it in (hieroglyphic language) which is the ancient Egyptian’s writings (Waset) which means ,prosperity and wealth.

many cultures and religious passed on luxor and many monuments witness this ,Persian occupied Egyptians for 200 hundred years ,till the savior Alexander the great help the Egyptians to get rid of the Persians ,and we have amazing shrine of Alexander the great in luxor temple, the Egyptians crowned him same like any pharaoh ruled Egypt,another shrine for Philip arrihedios the brother of Alexander the great in karnak temples .

Romans also passed in luxor ,we have very colorful roman shrine in luxor temple depict the 4 romans emperors who ruled at that time ,and fresco of romans soldiers, but its painted over the pharonic carvings ,they stuck layers of plaster over it and painted, so in one wall you van see carving from 1500 BC and over it painting dates back to 30 BC.  

it have thirty percent of world’s monuments ,lasted for thousands of years and still the most impressive in the world .

in the west bank of the Nile river in luxor located(The vally of the kings ),which is the burial place of the most of powerful Egyptian kings ,it have 63 tombs ,included the most famous tomb of king (Tutankamun) which discovered in 1922 ,it was full of treasures ,700 og pure gold on it .

63 is the only tombs we found ,but many undiscovered yet ,that why excavations come all over the world to search for more tombs and treasures,and every year we have anew amazing discovery in luxor city ,the last we found in October 2019,that was in assacif toms ,which is for nobles and high priests ,we discovered a cave contain 30 coffins for priests and nobles ,its amazing to see how well preserved and very bright colors on it, it will be display soon in the new museum in cairo.

not only the vally of the kings is the most beautiful in luxor ,also have The vally of Nobles ,

which house 400 tombs of nobles and high officials in ancient time ,each one of them care about record his position in life under the rule of the king ,to take the same rank in after life most of scenes on it each noble proud of the gifs and amulets, given to him by the king ,this means he is successful and king satisfied on him ,most of them represent the family members with them in the tombs ,its very interesting to visit.

the most interesting place you can visit in luxor is the vally of the workers ,its called Dier El Madina ,this place is really unique, because there u are going to see the real life of locals at that time ,their houses how it was, their toms how its very bright colors on it ,they are the artists who carve and pain the most beautiful king’s tombs .