back to 1400 bc during the new kingdom ,18th dynasty ,after the death of akheanton (Amenhotep the third)the most famouse king in Egyptian history ,who start the first idea of monothiethem ( believed in one god) made a revolution against the priests of god Amun Ra the main god at the time ,after death fo Akhenaton there was no son ,(boy )to rule Egypt from the royal wife (Nefertiti) that was the condition in ancient Egypt ,to be the king your mother should be a royal wife, that why at that time they made exception ,which is choosing the son of secondary wife she is called (KEA)his name is Tutankhamun) to ascend the throne of Egypt .

for Tut –Ankh-Aton ,to rule  Egypt ,he should marry his half-sister her name is Ankh –sen-ba-atun) she have the royal blood so he will have the right to rule .

Tutankhamun, was 9 years old when he ruled Egypt ,but he had some deformity in his body ,he had one leg longer than the other ,and other deformity came from genetic decease because of relatives marriage .

So imaging a boy 9 years old ,had deformity in his body , his mother is not the royal wife , he wasn’t that powerful to face the priests of Amun Ra who was very powerful and controlling Egypt at that time ,so in the first few years he followed his father religion , his name was( tutankhatun ) but later he controlled by a high priest called (AY) he was the high priest of god Amun ,

and they changed his name to be (Tutankhamun) this priest dare to pain himself in the tomb of the young king tut ,in the same high , he put his name in cartouch (oval shape used by king to put their names on it

)this was only for kings not priests but he considered himself same like king .

tut ruled for 10 years ,died when he was 19 ,his reign was peaceful ,and he died of malaria

back to carter and the tomb ,he followed the steps ,the he found plaster wall, he broke part of it , and carter said there was hot air get out of the tomb and when he go inside with his lamb , he can’t believe his eyes ,something beyond the mind, 500 of treasures, most of it is pure gold .

about the tomb only the burial chamber is painted , why ?this is unusual? all king’s tombs is long corridors reach to 180 m deep ,full of very colorful paintings show details, instructions help the dead king to reach to the heaven safe , but tut’s tomb is the smallest tomb , one painted chamber , and most treasure on it put in rush and disorder , this bcz he wasn’t that powerful king , and he died suddenly , it’s not well arranged . but life is fair ,and now he is the most famous king in Egypt, because his treasures is the most precious and his tomb is the only tomb we found in whole Egypt intact , not stolen .