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Privacy and Cookies Policy

Initially, besides reviewing and checking this Privacy and Cookies Policy, you should also check Terms and Conditions as presented on the Luxury Tours EG website. Your continual use of the website means that you agree and are subject to Luxury Tours EG Terms and Conditions.

The privacy of our client’s entered data is our main concern, so at, we provide you with a detailed description of our Privacy Policy and the various ways in which we use the information you provide us.

We ensure the privacy and security of your data may change the Privacy Policy periodically, so please visit this page frequently to keep well-informed of the updates. If you disapprove of this Policy, you have to stop using our services. Though, we confirm that the client’s entered data will only be used for valid business reasons as specified below.

Note that: Your continual use of means that you agree and are subject to any revisions or changes made in the Privacy Policy. At, we aim at providing our clients with the exact information that meet their different needs, and at the same time to grant them comfort and sense of security while using our website.

So, find below a summary of our Privacy Policy and the various ways in which we can make legitimate use of this information while you are using our website:

Type of Information Gathered by

The type of information gathered by is personal identifying information which requires your confirmation and specific knowledge. Here are several ways in which we can collect data about you using different sources:

If you subscribe to Newsletters.

If you purchase either a service or a product from and submit some personal information yourself.

If you speak to one of the travel experts and provide them with personal information like name, phone number, address, contact details, and credit card details, etc. either over the phone or via email.

If you activate your account.

Through direct data, collect measures, like completing a survey or entering a competition.

Through secondary data gathered actions that represented in the usage of cookies, like studying your preferences by reviewing the pages you visit the most on the website, etc.

The type of data that will gather in any of the cases mentioned above will be either personal such as name, phone number, E-Mail address, or options such as age, gender, or location may request.

Ways we use the information you provided by you on We at aim at providing you with the best-personalized travel experience utmost security. We use your data to:

To proceed with your transaction and fulfill your order, if you purchased a product or a service from

Providing the best Personalized Experience, such as providing offers, suggested services, and products that meet your interest.

Internal analysis and administration.

To make sure that our web content is useful, effective, and safe for you and your computer.

To save and secure any contracts that take place between you and us, or between you and a third-party provider.

To allow you to make the best use of the main features of our web services when you choose to do so.

To update you about any adjustments to our services.

To be sure that your customer care inquiries are fulfilled and conduct market research about services you book, products you request or inquire.

Personal Data and Third-Parties Note that:

We don’t sell or detect your data to third parties unless we have your explicit approval. We will only display your data to third parties; in case required to complete your transaction or if we are legally obliged to, in case of any police investigation or further needed legal procedures. In such a case, data will be displayed only for this purpose. In case you do not want us to use your data or permit third parties to use it for marketing purposes, please tick the box found on the form that indicates that we collect your data.

Sharing your personal information

Your information might share with the below entities:


All services offered by a third-party supplier through our websites, like a hotel, airline, car rental, and activity providers, who will help you with your travel reservations, have access to your personal information.

Third-party vendors

Vendors provide services or products as our representatives, and that includes handling online credit card payments, business analytics, customer service, marketing and advertising, survey distribution, and fraud avoidance. Third-party vendors also take care of activating the features of our website or assisting in the delivery of online advertising to match your interests so, we may also allow third-party vendors to access your information.

Business partners

In cooperation with our partners, we may offer their products or services on our website. In case of requesting a third party’s product or service, you will know as their name will see. These services are optional, so if you choose to access them, we may share information your personal information with those partners.

Referring websites

We may have links to our site on other websites, so if you refer to through a link you clicked on another website, some personal information may share with that referring website. We advise you to read accurately the privacy policies of any site that directed you to us.

Cookies What is Cookie? A cookie is a text file saved on your computer via your web browser.

Find below two types of Cookies: Session Cookies:

These cookies are substantial for the website to function effectively; however; they are not used to identify you personally. These Cookies are used to preserve something called “Session State” and are only applied while you are browsing the website. They directly expire once you close the browser or when you don’t visit the server for a specified period.

Example: Browsing our website is like having a conversation; we need the cookies to be able to catch up from where we have stopped. For instance, if you added a particular hotel to your basket, next time you click on the basket, you will still be able to find it.

Permanent Cookies: These Cookies are not essential for the website‘s practical functionality. These Cookies are used to maintain your “Session State” for a much longer time and are used to identify you personally amongst the other website visitors.

They are used to provide you with an engaging, personalized experience. Example: Last time you visited the website, you browsed the “Four Seasons Hotel,” and there is a great offer now at “Four Seasons,” which we know that you will be interested in; we will especially display it for you.

Note: Permanent Cookies don’t store personal data. Though “Session Cookies” can’t be disabled, you can disable “Permanent Cookies” from your web browser. Check your web browser settings where you will be able to disable cookies. This website has links to other sites, and we are not in control of their privacy practices. This

privacy statement here applies only to data collected by, so please check the privacy policies of these sites before you offer any personal data.

IP Address

We use the information provided by your IP Address to collect some demographic information, diagnose specific problems with our servers, and to manage our website. Note: The kind of information that is usually provided by IP Address is related to location – the place from where you have accessed the internet – whether it is your company, university, home, or your internet service provider.

Data Protection Laws Our Data Protection and Privacy at subject to Egypt Data Protection Laws.

Agreement By providing us with your data either over the phone or while using this website, you agree on storing, collecting, and using your data by, as mentioned above in this Privacy Policy. Note that we may use some of the content you provide us with either in direct communication or response to our feedback system, as evidenced on any of our communication channels, i.e., Social media pages, without displaying any personal information.

Opt-Out Policy

If you are a subscriber to Newsletters, you have the option to unsubscribe and stop receiving any further information from us. You grant the right to edit any previously entered information by you on this website. You may also delete your account if desired.

E-Mail Details

In case you want to change or modify your E-Mail Address Details, please email us with the correct data.

Note: If you want to make any modification to your entered personal data after purchasing from, you shall contact us as soon as possible, either via calling our Customer Service Team or email us at

Contact Us: If you have any concerns which you need to discuss further, please don’t hesitate to .