Secrets and  believes of ancient Egyptians painted on the walls of their tombs in the valley of the kings ,the reason why they dug all these deep corridors ,and shafts for hundreds of meters deep  in the mountain cliffs is their believe in afterlife .

they noticed the sun duration ,rise in the east set on the west then rise again next morning ,this is the key ,the main reason drove them to believe that after death will be eternal life ,they believed their life on earth is temporary ,though they built their houses of mud ,which is not lasting long like the stone tombs ,they decided to dug their tombs or their house of eternity of stone to last forever ,this will be the house of afterlife .

the design of their tombs developed by the time ,it is started with simple idea which is a hole they buried the body with his needs of food and drinks then cover it with trunks of trees ,but they noticed the wild animals attack the tombs and eat the intestines of the mummy ,so they decided to cover it with one platform which is called” mastaba “this during the old kingdom .

then the idea of step pyramid started , it is like steps to the heaven , then the idea of Great pyramid  came by the great architect at that time ( Imhotep) which is one of the greatest building on earth .

during the new kingdom  around 1500 BC, upper and lower Egypt reunited ,and they decided Luxor city will be the capital of all Egypt ,which is called at that time (WASET)which means city of prosperity .

and decided to dug their tombs in the limestone mountains in the west bank ,the stone there is free of cracks ,so lasting for thousands of years.

we discovered in the west of Luxor city hundreds of tombs for kings ,queens ,nobles and workers ,on a very good state of preservation .

when you visit the valley of the kings you go through deep shafts under the ground full of paintings ,very bright colors dates back thousands of years ago ,the secret if the long lasting colors is that they used natural colors from stones ,like malachite stone ,and lapis lazuli ,copper and different stones ,and after they finish all coloring they mix egg white and glue then brush all the walls to make it shine and lasting for all these years .

the walls full of mysterious and secrets of their believes ,and instructions help the spirit if the dead to reach to afterlife safe ,its depict a journey takes twelve hours from the sunset to the sunrise . book one of our tours to experience The Valley of the Kings and whole Egypt tours .