Egypt is without a doubt of the greatest civilization ever created. The history of Egypt dated back to 40,000 BC years but all the glory is focused on the last 5170 years when Egypt took its first step and became a unified country under the rule of one king called Narmer, the founder of the first dynasty. Through the years, Egypt established her repudiation as a powerful kingdom thanks to the annual river flood that acted as the bloodstream and the life bringer of Egypt as the ancient Greek historian Herodotus stated: “Egypt is the Gift of the Nile“. For the next three millennia, many great pharaohs of strong men and women worked on driving the country to new heights of wealth and power. During this time many great monuments all over the county were constructed and countless beautiful artifacts were created to protect their achievements from oblivion and immortalize their legacy for many generations to come. After the end of the last native dynasty by the hand of the Persians in 341 BC and soon enough came the Greek, Romans and Byzantines then finally came the Arabs who introduced the religion of Islam and the current language Arabic during the 7th century under the leadership of the Mamluks and the Fatimid who filled the city of Cairo with countless mosques and schools such as Al-Azhar which was the second largest university in history. The country then became under the rule of the Ottoman empire in 1517 until the empire fell and the country under British rule in 1882 until it gained its independence in 1922.

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Egypt Old Kingdom

Egypt Middle Kingdom

Egypt New Kingdom


Egypt is an African and Arabian country, located in a very unique location in North Africa and West Asia (Sinai Peninsula). Egypt bordered from the north by the Mediterranean Sea that separates it from Europe, from the east by Palestina, Red Sea and Gulf of Aqaba which separate Egypt from Jordan and Saudi Arabia, from the south by Sudan and from the west by Libya. –Read more about Egypt map


The weather in Egypt is usually hot, dry and sunny all year long especially during the summer as the temperature could reach 40 C (104 F) but in the winter months from September to April the climate is quite wonderful with low temperatures. The winter months are known to be the best time for tourists to visit Egypt as the climate becomes quite tolerable which create the best atmosphere for checking the various artifacts and monuments of the magical land.


Egypt is an agricultural country by nature due to the great Nile River which crosses between all over Egypt from the north to the south and creates a fertile valley on the river banks where the ancient Egyptian found life.


Egypt is an industrial country where a huge number of factories depend on the martial harvested from the rich agricultural environment of Egypt and from the mines.


Egypt is a very massive commercial center in the world due to its special location in the world where most of the international commerce cross Egypt from Suez channel which is considered to be the shortest international commercial way that links the Red Sea with the Mediterranean Sea, in Addition to Egypt having many ports that facilitate global commerce.


Egypt “Land of Pharaohs” is one of the most important tourist attractions in the entire world, where everyone put it on their travel bucket list. Egypt is one of the oldest countries in the world and the ancient Egyptians were great artists and innovators. Egypt is a true miracle where ancient Egyptians built a great civilization in the Nile valley, filled with a lot of temples, artifacts and breathtaking ruins discover them during your Egypt tours.


Egypt tourist attractions have Two-thirds of the world monuments. Where is the Great Pyramid that’s is one of the seven wonders of the world, the Great Sphinx, historical places in upper Egypt in Luxor and Aswan where many of the great temples that still stands from 4000 years ago, many of museum that contains a lot of the rare artifacts, ancient treasures and mummified body for ancient Egyptian Kings.

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Ancient Egyptian Tombs

Luxor Tourist Attraction

Aswan Tourist Attractions


Culture tourism in Egypt is very diverse as many Islamic and Coptic monuments are represented in many places like Salah El-Din Citadel that holds Mohammed Ali mosque, and aroud it there are many mosques like the mosques of Amr Ibn Alas, Sultan Hassan, the Hanging Church and many more. And in Alexandria lies the Citadel of Quitbay on the same location the Library of Alexandria once occupied which is considered to be one of the largest libraries in the world as it contains more than 8 million books.

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Alexandria Tourist Attractions


Recreational tourism that’s represented in a wonderful beach on both Mediterranean like:

– Alexandria, North Coast and Marsa Matrouh on the Mediterranean Sea where finest climate in summer and nice beaches. In the Red Sea like:

– HurghadaMarsa AlamEl GounaSafaga, and Sharm El-Sheikh where nice climate all over the year fine in summer, sunny and warm in winter, amazing beaches where white sand, golden sun and blue sea that’s magic all people, carols reef and rare colorful fish undersea that surprise all visitors there. Also, there are adventure tours like snorkeling, diving and water sports, Super Safari by quads and Jeep to discover desert and camping.


Religious tourism is represented in a combination of Islamic and Christian building and sacred places in Sinai like El-Tor and Mount Catherine. Egypt is the home to “Al Azhar” the biggest source of Islamic doctrine in the world, and home to students from all over the world that’s come to learn about Islamic knowledge.

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Coptic Sites in Egypt


Medical tourism is represented in Helwan, EL Ain El Sokhna, Oasis, Sinai, Hurghada, and Safaga, using black sand and natural spring water it’s used for many medical purposes likerecovery form many diseases such as rheumatoid, arthritis, Psoriasis and many other diseases. If you want to enjoy a fabulous vacation where you will visit all these historical monuments and discover the Ancient Egyptian Civilization, then you can explore our Egypt tour packages or Nile cruises and choose your own journey.