Old Cairo – Synagogue and Churches

Area of ancient Egypt (Fustat) after it reached the area known as the Holy Family Bpablaon Masralkadima lived in the cave there that doesn church refused Serget archaeological known as martyrs Sergius and Oakhos.
A brief history of the holy cave, “the Cave”: The cave, one of the holiest places in the Church refused Serget archaeological because of their great memories arouse the interest of tourists and Thavthm had to, and that it carries the holy family has resorted to when it came to the land of Egypt, making this the place to make the character Kudsia. This is a sacred cave chapel underground somewhere down the middle of the singers and part of the structure of the church, and access to the holy cave of two ways with varying ladders, one from the South Hall of the structure of the church, and the other from the center of the hall in the North structure. The total length of the holy cave about 20 feet and 15 feet displayed, not windows, and down from the floor of a church father Serget including not less than 21 feet, and the floor of the church itself fall below street level at about 13 feet.

Complex area of religion in ancient Egypt
When your feet Taatto this place feel like you are inside the time and interfaith dialogue, here find churches embrace the mosques, Vttdakhal voices of church bells with the Athan voice, in harmony, calling for national unity and compassion, declaring that religion is for God and the homeland for all …. Area of ​​complex religions region of ancient Egypt, that place which combines the three monotheistic religions Islam, Christianity and Judaism, and the complex includes religions collector Amr ibn al-Aas, the first mosque built in Egypt and Africa and the fourth mosque built in Islam, after mosques Medina, Basra and Kufa, next to no group of churches and monasteries that have graced the presence of Christ Jesus the son of Mary, peace be upon him, and the Virgin Mary during their journey in Egypt, and next to this and that we find the Jewish Temple, who watched the worship of God, Moses, peace be upon him one Sunday.

The Coptic Museum
Also includes Fortress of Babylon, who founded the museum in 1910 by Mark Pasha thick, so the importance of having a place expands to include archaeological collections of the Christian era, which were stored in a hall near the Hanging Church and to facilitate the study of the history of Christianity in Egypt. The area of ​​the Coptic Museum college, which tracks the history of Christianity in Egypt, around 8000 AD, as the number of its collection of about 16,000 opted arranged depending on the qualities to twelve sections, offered a presentation scientifically takes into account the chronological order, and most important of these exhibits Book of Psalms of David, which has allocated a separate room.
The Ben Ezra Synagogue And completes complex religions effects of the three monotheistic religions that there Synagogue, which was originally a temple and then turned into a church until the reign of Ahmed Ibn Tulun and returned again as a temple after that bought the Jewish community and its leader at the time of Abraham Ben Ezra, and this is called the temple also Temple Ben Ezra And derives its place importance of having a fund Moses him and also oversees as a place that has seen parking and prayers of Moses after tabbed God’s message, and evidenced by the inscriptions on the composition of marble in the middle of the temple, and so is the temple shrine important for a large number of tourists, especially tourists Jews.

Amr ibn al-Aas Mosque
Amr ibn al-Aas who built in 21 AH, which is the largest and oldest mosques in Africa, was attended by a number of companions in its design, most notably Abu Dhar al-Ghafari, and return to the beginning of the Islamic conquest of Egypt .. We find that the Mosque of Amr ibn al-Aas is completely different to what it is now was the roof of palm leaves and mud and carried on columns of palm logs and the height is low. The mud-brick walls, it is the non-coated dish did not have the home was furnished with straw, and its well known orchard ablutions. It was not by minarets, nor any kind of decoration, whether at home or abroad, and the prayer niche was flat and a decree on the wall without a cavity and then introduced renovations and expansions at the mosque after it throughout the ages.
Fortress of Babylon
This site features that Egypt is mediating between the Lower and Upper Egypt, and therefore Fortress of Babylon was built by the military to protect Romania to be the first line of defense for Egypt’s eastern gate, which is governed by the Romans to control any uprisings against their rule in the north or south. And called on the name of the fort Babylon Fortress or Palace wax, because this release named him because he was the first of each month to light a candle on a fortress towers, and is located inside the fort a number of monuments, including the Coptic Museum Coptic churches and six Coptic monastery, namely: Church of the Virgin known Palmalqh – Abu blazon’d – Saint Barbara – George – short basil – Monastery of the Sisters of Saint George – St. George Greek Orthodox synagogue next.

Hanging Church
It is considered one of the most important effects of complex religions and known by that name because it was built over the Roman fortress of Babylon at an altitude of 13 meters above the ground, and thus become the tallest building area. The Hanging Church, which dates from its inception to the fifth century AD, one of the oldest churches in Egypt and was originally Pharaonic temple. In 80 AD, established the Roman emperor (Trajan) Fortress of Babylon Roman parts of the temple to be used in pagan worship, and when Christianity spread and transformation of the Romans to the new religion turned pagan temple to the oldest Roman church in Egypt, which is held by the religious rituals even today regularly. The advantage of the church they contain 120 Icon distributed on the walls and on the inside it contains another church to climb a wooden ladder from the church of Saint Mark.
Church of Abu Serget
One of the outstanding graphics in church
Been gracing this place is the presence of God’s prophet Jesus peace be upon him and his mother during the trip to escape from the oppression of the king (Herod), King of the Jews, and so Bamoarp holy inside the church, and therefore destination of visitors from all Christian denominations in the world, is noteworthy that the date of the establishment of the Church coincides with the date of the establishment of the Church
outstanding and its original name (Sergius and Okhis) and two well-known soldiers were killed in Syria during the reign of Emperor (Maximnanos).

Mary Girgis Church
This was the church of the Roman fort hold churches, built by the writer buried Athanasius in 684 AD, but unfortunately the flames devoured eighty years ago, leaving them only the reception hall to outside know “Hall” Bridal dating back to the fourteenth century. The region contains a host of other churches near the Mosque of Amr ibn al-Aas within the city of Fustat, namely: – the Church of Abu swords – Shenouda – Almsheeria – Babylon stairs – the father of a large and John – Prince Tadros Mashraky Global Trading – Archangel Michael – Deir Abu Seven Sisters – Mina Zahra ancient Egypt.