the universe of ancient Egypt had three parts,(earth ,heaven ,and the underworld )

the earth was a flat disk with Egypt at the center  surrounded by foreign lands and desert .the whole enclosed by vast primeval ocean called( Nun).it was in this sea in a small mount that the creation of the gods take place .

the god Atum and shu (god of the air )created (geb and Nut )god of earth in shape of mount and sky .

Geb and Nut where parents of (Osiris ,seth ,isis ,nephthys.

in ancient time they belived that every sun rise is Nut giving birth of solar desck, the sun god RA .

the gods in ancient time sometimes shown in animal ,sometimes in human form ,and frequently as a combination of two.

despite their strange appearance ,ancient texts tell us that gods displayed very human behaviors, they were born ,married ,they had children ,celebrated birthdays, felt emotion ,had friends and enemies.

they fell ill grow up ,sick, died like god RA he die every sunset ,and born again in the early sunrise.

they killed like Osiris and they cut their bodies into pieces ,in the ancient Egyptian mythology, there was a story about the death of Osiris , that his brother god (seth) the devil god ,he was so jealous of Osiris ,he wanted to marry isis his wife and rule instead of him ,to became lord of gods,it was said that( god seth) made a coffin to his brother and told him this isi your gift but I don’t know if the size is fit for you or not , he asked him to sleep on it ti know the size , Osiris accepted ,but seth closed the coffin tell he died ,not only this , he cut his brother’s body into 30 pieces ,and take each part of it and throw it in different cities in Egypt from the north to the south to get rid of him, but his wife goddess ISIS ,goddess of love and beauty in ancient time , she converted herself into bird and flied over all Egypt collected all her husband body parts, wrapped him with linen flapped her wings to give him breath ,and he came alive again ,and after this he became god of afterlife ,the heaven .

Egyptian claimed that the number of gods infinite ,and they combine them in Traid ,like Theban traid,(AMUN –MUT-KHONSU) .

during the new kingdom which is start from 1500 BC lasted for 500 years ,when luxor city became a capital of all Egypt ,Theban triad ,(AMUN MUT KHONSU )where the main gods at that time ,and big  rituals and celebrations made for them ,for example( Opet festival) which is occurred in the time of the harvest of the fields on it the priests put the three statues of the three gods in shrines made of wood covered with gold ,they put it in three boats and they carry it over their shoulders walking three kilometers of sphinx (ram road) which is a way built by king  Ramses the second  sphinx is (ram headed and lions body ,or human head and lions body )they walk between the two temples start from karnak temple to luxor temple, we can see the big procession  carved on the walls of the two temples ,with people playing music ,dancing girls ,big amount of offering to the gods ,that was almost the biggest  festival happened in Egypt.